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Gospel Care Training Info and Registration (May 17-19)

By Jeremy Oddy in Crossway Community Church 5 months ago | 1077 views Link:

Hey church family,

We are excited to offer Gospel Care Training on May 17-19.

What’s the purpose of this training? Gospel Care Training (GCT) is a course designed to help develop the basic skills needed to counsel, care, or disciple others well with specific truths of the gospel in loving ways.  It is the foundational course for all ministries related to care and discipleship.

Who this course for? It is essentially for any follower of Jesus who desires to be better equipped to disciple and care for others. Due to the sensitivity of what may be shared during the practice, this course is for adults only.

We hope this training continues to cultivate a church culture of grace and gospel intentionality in loving community.

Is there a cap to how many can participate? Yes. We typically can only take up to 12 ladies and up to 12 men to participate in order to be efficient during the labs.

What is taught in this course? The teaching sessions covered are: Understanding Gospel Living; Gospel Listening; Gospel Exploring; Gospel Proclaiming; and Gospel Care Practice. Majority of the course is done in a lab environment that is “real life,” safe, and encouraging for the purpose of equipping others most effectively.

What’s the schedule look like?

  • Thursday, (7:00-9:00PM)
  • Friday, (7:00-9:00PM)
  • Saturday, (9:00-3:00PM)

Will there be childcare? Yes.

Will there be lunch provided? Yes. We will provide lunch and coffee on Saturday.

What’s the deadline to register? May 12.

How do I register? Click HERE.

If I have any questions, who do I contact? Me.

In grace,


Crossway Community Church

Our mission at Crossway Community Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. We carry out our mission to make disciples by Going into the world, proclaiming the gospel, and Growing as disciples in our affection for and obedience to Jesus Christ.

Our hope and desire is that Jesus would stand at the center of all that we do. The gospel of Jesus Christ directs and defines us. This is our identity.

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